Three pole bottoms, hanging on the wall…


Triple wear shorts, worn full length and waist, full leg and flipped waist, or maximum drawstring leg and flipped band 

Triple-wear shorts, available in several designs, £25

Revved Up Designs triple-wear shorts – wear them full leg and full waistband for maximum coverage, full waistband and drawstring leg for medium exposure, and drawstring legs and flipped waistband for minimum coverage! Made from high quality non-fade sports fabric which wicks sweat (and odours -yuk) away from the skin, these incredibly flattering shorts are perfectly designed to expose the skin you need but hide the skin you don’t, without digging in or producing muffin tops and thigh rolls! We think they are the best shorts we have ever worn. Also available in our Pole Dance Like Everybody’s Watching design, Pole Athlete (small only), Team Revved Up and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Pole

photo (33)

Triple wear shorts, in Pole Dance Like Everybody’s Watching design, £25


Sex&Drugs&Rock&Pole triplex wear shorts in glitter print, £27.50

athlete shorts

Triple-wear shorts, in Pole Athlete design (small only) £25


Team Revved Up triple wear shorts, in black or black and red, £25


We are proud to work with Wink Designs to produce our perfectly designed pole clothing – our triple wear shorts were created to order, to be flattering, comfortable, and provide perfect coverage whilst still allowing enough skin exposure for grip.

To order, contact us at Our pole pixies will answer any questions and send you presents.

All designs are copyright of Revved Up Designs


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