Brand Ambassadors

Many names were put forward as nominations for inspirational polers to be brand ambassadors for Revved Up Designs – and who can blame you, with so many awesome polers out there!

Some tough decisions were made, but we are delighted to introduce you to our official Revved Up Designs brand ambassadors.

Annalisa Muresu

We are delighted to be working with Annalisa as one of our sponsored athletes – fun, adorable, generous and with loads of energy, she completely embodies the spirit of Revved Up. She’s also a hugely inspirational poler for us, and we can’t wait to see her rocking our styles on the pole!

Annalisa is the owner of Pole XS in Lincoln, and placed first in the instructor category at UKPPC 2013.


“I’m so honoured to be the brand ambassador for Revved Up Designs – their designs are fun and comfortable – but not only for pole training! Their clothes are an amazing addition to your wardrobe for everyday wear. I particularly loved straight away the “Pole Dance Like Everybody’s Watching” range because it’s so me – proud to be part of this community and honoured to be a brand ambassador for a company that’s funky, young, exciting and just as passionate about pole as I am.”


Kirsty Griffiths

We absolutely love Kirsty’s performance style, combining both amazing strength and enviable flexibility, making her the perfect pole athlete to represent Revved Up!

Kirsty is the co-owner of Rainbow Pole Fitness in Barnsley and Huddersfield, and boasts an impressive list of titles including North East Pole Champion 2012, British Pole Superstar Pro Champ 2013, UKPPC instructor semi finalist 2011, UKPPC professional runner up 2012, UKPPC Elite finalist 2013 & 2014, Miss Pole Dance UK finalist 2012 & 2013, and most recently 2nd place at the Europeans Pole Sport Organisation Championships. Kirsty is also part of the CASC-ADE creative arts and sports company run by Sarah Scott.


“My first ever competition was Pole Divas in Lincoln after just two months of pole. I made it through to the final, where I first saw Sally Ann Giles and Annie Norris. That is when I realised how amazing our sport is.

I started up Rainbow with Kirsty Marsden in November 2009, and we started to train and teach ourselves from YouTube videos.

I love everything about pole – I love that it takes me back to being a little girl at gymnastics, I love being upside down. I love the strength side of pole but also the flexibility I have gained from pole!

I have so many pole idols I would run out of space. Every poler inspires me to be better – from the pole celebs like Natasha Wang, to my students in class.

I am so happy to be chosen as a brand ambassador for Revved Up Designs. I love their quirky and cool style! My faves are the Athletic Advisory and the Crazy Poler stuff, but I love it all!! Right now I’m off to go training my awesome new pole wear! Thanks Revved up Designs”


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